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Beyond the hype, AI is already delivering real value in business.
It’s being implemented across all industries and business functions
creating unprecedented efficiencies in human productivity.

Now in its 3rd year, The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference & exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations, the actual solutions that are transforming business productivity.
The quality of our programme is unrivalled – you will hear exclusive, inspirational presentations from acclaimed C-suite speakers representing the world’s leading enterprises.
They share a platform that highlights both AI business strategy and technical know-how in a comprehensive agenda that goes beyond the mundane and into deep, actionable insights.

As the world’s foremost event in this space, The AI Summit uniquely brings together all of the leading AI innovators: from the giants of

through to the most inspiring start-ups, consultancies and thought-leaders.

Join us and invest your time in the only one AI event that’s geared for Business Leaders!


Now in its 3rd year, the pioneering global event that deciphers the impact of AI in Business, The AI Summit, is coming back and scaling up at the Javits Center, New York with 3,000+ delegates, 120+ speakers and 3 streams!

The AI Summit 2018 is a world-class festival highlighting innovation, excellence and critical thinking on AI for business. Our acclaimed speaker & audience is a who’s who list of senior decision-makers from across the board: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, Strategy, Transformation are some of the experts you’ll engage with at The AI Summit!

Uniquely among other AI conferences out there, we bring together all of the world’s foremost innovators in this space: our 2017 industry partners include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, PwC, NVIDIA, HCL and dozens more. Sales-pitch-free, inspirational thought-leadership keynotes from solution providers compliment the corporate implementation case studies.

We are now looking for the most exciting, newsworthy case studies from leading organisations strategizing, implementing and measuring success of their AI projects. We ask our speakers to prepare and deliver inspirational, engaging and practical sessions that will help our delegates make significant progress with their AI investments, address challenges and gear up for future projects.

In 2018 we’ve launched our Stream S, a highly technical stream for data scientists, engineers and experts curating the technology that delivers the hype!

To submit your proposal please complete the form below with an outline of the topic you wish to cover, highlighting the pivotal themes you are looking to address and the speaker details, including a mini bio.


We are sorry that we can’t accept submissions from students or the general public– we run a trade-only, senior business-leader-led conference programme.


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‘The best AI for business event programme anywhere in the world’
Lead Data Scientist, Microsoft

‘It stands out from all the rest in terms of quality of speakers, quality of content and engaging delivery’
Department Head, GE

‘I learned so much in these two days, it’s quite rare to have this high quality of content at major conferences’
VP, Wells Fargo

‘This is one of the most exciting, newsworthy technology programmes we have covered’
NY Times

‘If you only attend 1 AI Event each year, then it has to be The AI Summit’
Chief Architect, BT










Be part of the first and largest event dedicated to AI applications for enterprises securing your place at the forefront of technological innovation

Hear the most inspirational case studies and solutions presented exclusive in our agenda from most industry sectors: Retail, Oil & Gas, Finance & Banking, IT, Energy, Medical, Telco & Media, Transport & Tourism

Join a community of CxO delegates from some of the world’s top technology end-usersin the private and public sector

Feel the difference of a premium conference experience with excellent meeting facilities, fine dining and a boutique service that lives up to our CxO audience

Experience our Intelligent Networking Service, a real-life application of AI combined with the human touch that delivers unrivalled results in networking among attendees

Engage with the industry’s leading solution providers, spearheading innovation in AI research and product development

There are many more reasons to join the AI revolution…


AI technologies are already being implemented across many business functions, yet often quietly and without (yet) receiving the attention or investment needed

AI will have a major impact in human productivity – it really is the 4th industrial revolution

Deep/Machine Learning is king among current AI implementation/investment, image/voice recognition and NLP are at an accelerating pace

The conversation around Ethics and regulation is highly pertinent; more so for an AI-powered business

The time to get involved with AI is now; if you haven’t started already, get going and don’t get left behind your competitors!

Our event brochure has more details inside

Thoroughly researched conference programmes with the most inspiring CxO speakers and exclusive case studies
Unrivalled seniority of audience with the most senior decision makers representing the world’s largest businesses
Unique event experiences with live entertainment throughout and VIP invitation-only dinners at some of the world’s most famous Michelin-starred restaurants
Tailor-made AI-powered networking tools enhanced by our VIP Concierge services that help to forge lasting relationships and business partnerships
Comprehensive exhibitions with all of the industry’s technology leaders launching and showcasing their latest AI developments and future vision at The AI Summit


The AI Summit was the first conference & exhibition in the world dedicated to the impact of AI in the business world. Two years on, we retain our market-leading position by offering a unique experience of unrivalled knowledge, high-level networking and memorable moments…


It's been phenomenal; I've met so many interesting people who are all driven and passionate about the same things.

Director of Digital Partnerships & Outreach, Monsanto Company

There has been so much representation from so many companies; getting to meet people and network, that's been a big highlight.

Head of Data Science, General Electric

It has been fantastic - in a way it's the best event I've been to.

Director, Machine Learning & Advanced Algorithms, Johnson & Johnson

This year was awesome. Content was great, speakers were good, what I learned was invaluable, - you want to be here at the next AI Summit!

Head of Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines

A must- attend event: truly exceeded my expectations!

CISO AVP, Deutsche Bank

A hugely informative event, outstanding quality of speakers, programme and curated networking! All in all, one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the past few years!

Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

Insightful, thought provoking, impactful! The content of the summit has really helped us further our understanding of AI and inspired a number of additional pieces of work that we are now reviewing.

Head of Transformation & Change, Thames Water

A must for a senior technology exec to get out of the day to day business and hear about what is going on in the world and future for AI and software engineering

CTO, OLM Group

An excellent event: the future explained!

CIO, Balfour Beatty

Very interesting and well-informed speakers who were good at presenting!

IT Lead, Burburry

A great insight into the topic area through a wide range of leading industry figures.

Head of Analytics, Tesco

The AI Summit offers a Wide, thorough view of what’s going on in AI

CDO, Engie

Exceeded my expectations: The AI Summit is the space for likeminded business people to share current successes and for others to experience what is possible today, and meet vendors who can work with them immediately to take AI forward.

Head of IT, Croda

Why Industry leaders partner with us

The attendees have been of a higher calibre than many other conferences I've been to!

VP & CTO - Americas, HCL

I think it just keeps getting better and better.

Director, Publicis.Sapient

It's been a fantastic experience; I've run into people from pharma, from consumer applications, to defence agencies to cancer institutes.

Senior Director, Business Development for Deep Learning & AI , NVIDIA

The show is very exciting - it gets better and better every time.

Global Head, ignio Product Specialist Group, Digitate, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture

This event has been fabulous - we've seen enterprises across industry verticals: financial services, retail, manufacturing, so I think that is what has been awesome about the event.

SVP, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, RAGE Frameworks

I think it’s very exciting. It's heartening to see a lot of organisations here, and we are meeting a lot of end users, of IT and of our services.

Director of Marketing, HCL

The show is going great, there's a lot of interesting people here to talk to and it's been a lot of fun.

CEO & Co-founder, Luminoso

It's a great mix of people here, sharing the ideas and the experiences, what works and how to approach this in the right way is really critical, which is why this is an important forum.

CTO, Accenture

The AI Summit has been just brilliant! There’s so much to learn and so much to see as well, and the networking as you can hear during lunchtime, that’s the heart and soul for me. It’s been a fantastic event for us to be involved in!

Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft

We call it artificial intelligence, but I believe this is based on real relationships, and that’s what I’ve seen today. The relationships that have been created and that will be cultivated and built over time thanks to The AI Summit are great – they’re phenomenal.

Head of Marketing, TCS

It’s been a great experience – from opera singers to kick the day off, through to speakers! Every single speaker that was up there I’ve learned a great deal from and I’m very excited to meet after the talk. The networking has also been outstanding – there are a lot of great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Head of AI Practice, Publicis.Sapient

Superb: Awards ! Demos ! and Sessions! The AI Summit is Brilliant platform!

SVP, HCL Technologies



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New York,
NY 10001, USA


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