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Get involved with the only AI business event powered by Industry Leaders

From how you engage with your customers to how you fundamentally operate as an organisation, AI has cemented its place as the catalyst to business transformation all over the world.

But how can you act to grasp the opportunities that AI offers and what do you need to consider when planning your AI roadmap? The AI Summit, the flagship event for London Tech Week 2019, offers all the answers and more, giving you the knowledge, tools and experience you need to change the face of your business for the good. Engage with world leading organisations, hear from the brightest minds and gleam exclusive insights into pioneering AI projects from all corners of industry, like never before.

New for the 4th Annual, edition, AI will take centre stage to TechXLR8: Europe’s largest tech expo focused on Accelerating Business Transformation with Technology. Co-located with 5 world leading enterprise technology events on IoT, Cloud, Quantum Computing, as well as being supported by the world’s great change-makers, The AI Summit gives you the depth and breadth to light up your technology roadmap and bring your business into the 4th Industrial Revolution powered by AI.

12th – 13th June 2019

The AI Summit & London Tech Week central keynotes stage brings together the brightest minds from pioneering enterprises and AI innovators sharing their game-changing ideas, sharing exclusive insights that will inform your AI strategy. You’ll get a front row seat to inspirational CxOs from the industry’s true heavyweights, taking you along how they deliver their AI roadmap. Expect unique facts, newsworthy announcements, outside-the-box thinking and decision-affecting talks – all to help you Deliver your business transformation.

AI is having real impact on big business today. Leading strategists and world-renowned practitioners give you honest, practical and real case studies and lessons learned, unearthing some of the myths and misconceptions around AI as well highlighting the huge potential for revolutionising your business. Both inspirational and practical, you will leave with actionable ideas on how to best Implement AI in your organisation.

Take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of AI, beyond theory and strategy and into the realm of technology & engineering. We pull together industry-leading data scientists, engineers and pioneering institutions to give you the most comprehensive look into the know-how of how to tangibly Develop solid, workable, efficient AI projects in your organisation.

12th June 2019

13th june 2019

AI is having a huge impact on how businesses interact with their customers. New for 2019, we provide the World’s only AI conference dedicated to the sales and marketing journey powered by AI.

2018 introduced the Quantum Computing Summit, the event at the bleeding edge of computing power. For 2019, we have partnered with the finest research institutes globally to give you a complete understanding of how Quantum Computing will impact your business.

Ever since the new wave of AI begun, finance has been earmarked as a sector for major impact. With the World’s foremost conference dedicated to AI in finance, we take a deep dive into the effect AI is having on the finance sector and more importantly what financial enterprises need to be aware of going forward.

AI is saving lives. From diagnosing rare diseases to supporting health professionals is creating the best treatment plans, healthcare has become a major industry for AI. The AI Healthcare Summit shows how AI really is for Good, with tangible impact on healthcare and pharma.

12th – 13th June 2019

AI is having a growing influence beyond business. We explore how AI is fundamentally changing lives and transforming societies along with discussions that tackle some of the ethical issues. The AI For Good Stage will also address the conversation around diversity and how we can overcome data biases.

The AI Summit 2019 will welcome a host of start-ups in the AI Elevate Pavilion. The Elevator Stage will be an opportunity for these disruptors to pitch their ideas to VCs, enterprises and delegates alike hoping to ear mark themselves as the next unicorn.

The AI Summit will welcome world-class researchers from renowned institutions driving innovation in AI forward. The stage will offer hands-on labs, demos and open discussions with the researchers, engineers and developers that deliver the know-how to the world’s foremost organisations.


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“When artificial becomes human – the unexpected impact of robots on humans at work”
“The art, science, and commerce of image search, viewing computer vision and deep learning through a commercial lens”
“Transforming your Customer Experience Using AI”
“Making AI the Centre of Future Telco Strategies”
“Unleashing the Easiest – Fastest – Tastiest Customer Experience”
“AI powering the new workforce”
“The View of AI From The CIO’s Chair”
“How AI can add Value to a Sports Car Manufacturer”
“The Future of Automation”
“Connecting people: How AI already improves the customer journey and satisfaction of all travellers at Deutsche Bahn”
“Beyond the First Date – It’s time for Brands to get serious about AI”
“How will AI positively impact customer experience and engagement?”
“Practical AI – Augmenting Human Potential to Affect Radical Business Transformation”
“Quantum Computing at Google”
“Innovating in Artificial lntelligence”
“Assuring Digital Transformation with the power of A.I”
“Digital Transformation Beyond IT”
“Panel Discussion: What are the challenges along the bumpy road to AI adoption and how to overcome them”
“Self Driving Cars: The Artificial Intelligence Evolution”
“AI & Big Data: challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry”
“An Exploration of AI at Airbus”
The AI Future: Building Canada’s AI Superclusters in Finance, Smart Cities & Health
“Supply Chain As A Service”
“Driving the Implementation of Machine Learning Across the Business”
“Transformative Use of AI In Retail”
“TwoBirds & A Robot”
“A Head Full of Answers – Introducing a Modular Cognitive AI Platform at Credit Suisse”
“AI and Data Science in the Wild Case Studies from a Legal Practice”
“AI for Business: Tackling Enterprise Challenges”
“Building a Smart Broadband of Grocery”
“The Transformative Use of AI In Finance”
“AI Terra Incognita – Where and How To Start A New Land Discovery”
“Three challenges in implementing AI in the enterprise”
“The Power of the Personal – driving CX Through AI”
“Machine Learning in Financial Services”
“The End of Planning as we know it – the impact of AI (not only) in the Airline Business)”
“Probabilistic Machine Learning – The Frontiers of Machine Learning at Uber”
“Evolving On Demand Food Delivery with AI”
“What does an AI-first Insurer Look Like?”
“Quantum In The Defence Sector”
“Finance Leaders Panel”
“A Practical Guide to the Lean Start Up Approach to Data Science”
“AI in health economics and outcomes research”
“More than the Sum of Its Parts: Towards Cooperative AI Systems”
“Hello KLM, Lessons from making AI Work for one of the World’s Largest Social Media Teams”
“The Autonomy Ecosystem”
“What will be the impact of AI on the Finance Sector?”
“Machine Learning for Smarter Drug Discovery”
“Fireside Chat: Creating the Global Powerhouse for AI”
“The Big Employment Debate: What Impact Will AI Have on the Workforce?”
“CxO Leaders Panel: What is the Future of AI for Business?”
Topic to be announced
Topic to be announced
“The Future of Automation”
“Fireside Chat: Creating the Global Powerhouse for AI”
“Fireside Chat: What is the Potential of AI for the UK?”
“Fireside Chat: Creating the Global Powerhouse for AI”
“How can artificial intelligence make transport smarter?”
Topic to be announced
“AI, Data and Professional Services”
New for 2019, The AI Summit will add further fuel for start-ups looking to scale-up their businesses. Offering access to world-leading VCs and mentors, and an eco-system of game-changing potential customers and partners.




It's been phenomenal; I've met so many interesting people who are all driven and passionate about the same things.

Director of Digital Partnerships & Outreach, Monsanto Company

There has been so much representation from so many companies; getting to meet people and network, that's been a big highlight.

Head of Data Science, General Electric

It has been fantastic - in a way it's the best event I've been to.

Director, Machine Learning & Advanced Algorithms, Johnson & Johnson

This year was awesome. Content was great, speakers were good, what I learned was invaluable, - you want to be here at the next AI Summit!

Head of Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines

A must- attend event: truly exceeded my expectations!

CISO AVP, Deutsche Bank

A hugely informative event, outstanding quality of speakers, programme and curated networking! All in all, one of the best conferences I’ve been to in the past few years!

Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

Insightful, thought provoking, impactful! The content of the summit has really helped us further our understanding of AI and inspired a number of additional pieces of work that we are now reviewing.

Head of Transformation & Change, Thames Water

A must for a senior technology exec to get out of the day to day business and hear about what is going on in the world and future for AI and software engineering

CTO, OLM Group

An excellent event: the future explained!

CIO, Balfour Beatty

A great overview of the challenges and possibilities ahead, with compelling speakers bringing it all to life

IT Lead, Burburry

A great insight into the topic area through a wide range of leading industry figures.

Head of Analytics, Tesco

Exceeded my expectations: The AI Summit is the space for likeminded business people to share current successes and for others to experience what is possible today, and meet vendors who can work with them immediately to take AI forward.

Head of IT, Croda

The go-to AI event of the year!

CSO, Artificial Solutions

The AI Summit is the place to be if you are in AI!

Head of Solutions, Cisco

Not only the first, but also the best AI event out there!

Senior Director, Microsoft

Newsworthy content, senior & knowledgeable audience, wow vibe; The AI Summit has the recipe for success!

Developer Relations, NVIDIA

The best event in AI: the right people, inspirational technological developments and many AI initiatives in other industries

Head of Data Science, Randstad

This is biggest gathering of AI in the enterprise providing a sense of where the market is today, what are some of the key challenges and best practices of how to tackle AI in a business context

Managing Director, Tractica

The most insightful AI gathering in the year

Lead Data Scientist, GSK

The only event for aligning business and AI!

Director, JustGiving

The most buzzing show I've been to in years!

Innovation Lead, Tesco

The AI Summit offers a Wide, thorough view of what’s going on in AI

CDO, Engie

Great atmosphere, excellent speakers!

Director, e-commerce, Societe Generale

A first class event that brought together individuals of influence and had lots of relevant content.

Director, Invest AI

A brilliant conference – much, much better than most of the ones I go to!

Director of Digital Design, Barclays


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