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AI is already here. It’s happening in many, if not most, industries. The explosion of available data, and the ever-increasing need to better understand the data is driving the advancement of AI and its application in the business environment. No longer is AI solely a subject of science fiction; it is now being implemented by a number of leading organisations spanning finance, law, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, energy, and education and many more.

AI will drive business growth, and rather than detract from human contribution it will release workers to complete more creative and valuable tasks. On many estimates, over the next 10 years enterprise spending on AI technology will increase $200m to $50billion. was founded in 2014 as the world’s first comprehensive news portal & online community dedicated to the advancement of Artificial intelligence and its impact on business.

In 2016 is launching the first-ever Events dedicated to AI solutions for enterprises: The AI Summit . We bring together some of the world’s foremost innovators in this space with CxO enterprise business leaders looking to transform the productivity of their organisation.
The AI Summit features unique content with inspirational speakers of the highest calibre offering exclusive insights into the future world of AI-empowered businesses.
The programme is curated by leading industry lights part of our global advisory Board and differs from academic/research conferences on AI, as it focuses on the practical applications of AI for enterprises.

Our exclusive Intelligent Networking Service offering uses AI software, a dedicated online platform and the human touch of excellence. The aim is to ensure that our delegates engage in meaningful conversations with the right people at the right time. The AI Summit presents an uber-premium conference experience at the Four Seasons London, with exquisite fine dining and a speakeasy evening networking reception to round-off a day of inspiration for tomorrow’s business.

Join us and prepare your business to thrive using Artificial Intelligence!

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